In a never-ending battle to weed out the scammers and liars who taint the reputation of online TEFL courses, we bring you a fake TEFL course review website which has been designed to sell its own “course”. The website which claims to review TEFL courses is The website is in fact trying to peddle it’s own course called “TEFL Pro Online”. Both of these websites were launched by the same person in March 2019. The person registers both websites out in Panama where they are less likely to be prosecuted for fraud. 

Trusted TEFL Reviews lists most of its main competitors in the online TEFL industry. They then add fake TEFL reviews for each one, claiming they are submitted by students. The fake TEFL reviews added include a few plausible sounding reviews along with a couple misleading and downright fraudulent rants about each one. The idea is to make would be teachers believe this is a legitimate review website that can be used for research purposes. The word “trusted” is meant to deceive the teacher’s critical thinking. 

When you actually read the reviews, you can tell they are all written by the same person. The language used, the tone, and the style are identical. 

Read more about when and where “TEFL Pro Online” and “Trusted TEFL Reviews” were created, and see actual screenshots of the WHOIS data over here.