“Mia Williams” or “Paul Williams” lists out major, reputable TEFL providers and then adds fake reviews to their website. How do we know? We submitted a review along with proof of course purchase for a competing course for research’s sake. The scammer never replied and never posted our review. 

If you read the reviews on TrustedTEFLReviews you’ll easily see that they are indeed written by the very same person. 

Here are some examples of fraudulent reviews:

Caption: Fake review of Let’sTefl

Caption: Fake review and ironic when it mentions a lack of reviews for this course. TEFLOnlinePro seems to have the exact same problem

Caption: fake review of The TEFL Academy

There are many like this all written by the same person on “trustedteflreviews”.

Not surprisingly, the scammer puts the link to their own course under every review in bold with the catchy headline “Teacher’s Choice Award”. Ironic when there are no reviews of this course anywhere except on their own websites. 

Caption: under every review is a link to the website owner’s own online TEFL course.

Want to read the short and sweet Summary? Here you go.