Trustedteflreviews is a fake site with 100% fake reviews. Fake TEFL reviews are posted to hurt major players in the TEFL world. The main goal is to make you buy their “number 1 recommended course”. The course is called TEFLOnlinePro and came into existence in March 2019. Besides their own internet Spam marketing, there is almost no mention of them anywhere else. The first page of google shows their own websites, images from their websites, a couple wordpress websites created by them and a TripAdvisor profile (?). This scammer is an SEO specialist, using link structures and fake profiles to boost their own website to the top of google. 

Caption: The top 3 results all come from the same scammer’s websites instead of external, reputable sources.

Caption: Only 3 reviews on Facebook for a course that supposedly won a “Teacher’s Choice Award”?  Trip Advisor?

Caption: A wordpress blog created to review this course? Hi again Mia/Paul!

TEFLOnlinePro is a new shady operator with unknown origins hiding out in an offshore Panama registration. It is not accredited, and it would be useless in the eyes of most employers. They are a fly by night operation and will take your money and leave you with no recourse when you realize its not worth a penny. There are no TEFLOnlinePro  course reviews externally.  

When we tried to submit a review of a competing course along with proof of enrollment, we were ignored and the review was never published. 

Buyer beware. New fly by night websites with little external accreditation, validation or even mention are extremely risky. You can lose your money and end up with nothing in hand. Do your research and seek out valid, longstanding and reputable websites like, Facebook, Google and