Trusted TEFL Reviews was created in March 2019 as verified by WHOIS and a cursory domain search. The online TEFL course they claim was the “overwhelming winner” in their “annual reader’s choice award” is called “” and was also created in March 2019. Even more interesting is the fact they are both registered to the same owner through a secretive shady offshore Panama registrar. Below are screenshots of both websites WHOIS data taken in Aug 2019. It is possible the person running the websites will change this as soon as possible, but thanks to technology we’ll always have proof of this unethical operator slipping up.

Caption: registered with namecheap in Panama in March 2019

Caption: registered with namecheap in Panama at the same time

The person running these two websites goes under a couple of aliases. The first is “Mia Williams” who actively promotes the two websites on Reddit and other forums. The other alias used is “Paul Murphy”. For some reason most internet scammers like to use the most generic and common names they can imagine. Likely it is to protect themselves against an online search.  As can be seen by the two “comments”, they are written by the same person. The sentence style, tone, vocabulary, punctuation and even capitalization are identical. 

This scammer doesn’t even bother to try and cover his/her tracks. 

Caption: “Somehow many people have submitted awards for a course which just sprung up in March 2019 and has almost zero external reviews or validity”

Caption: Exact same writing style and tone; Mia Williams – meet Paul Murphy

What’s funny is that TrustedTEFLReviews claims they have an annual “readers choice award”. How a website launched in March 2019 can achieve that already is something to consider. If you’d like to compare the supposed “reviews” that customers are leaving on their website, check out some examples here. These are absolutely fake, ridiculous, and written by the same scammer above. 

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